Welcome at Hungaro-Ventilator Ltd.


Air is one of life's standard criteria. If there is fresh air, we don't even notice it. Whereas, no air or polluted air could cause asphyxia within minutes.

The Hungaro-Ventilator Ltd. set the noble goal at their establishing to develop and manufacture fans and ventilating facilities necessary for the vitalizing air supply for people staying in the buildings. No matter, if it is about supplier of fresh air or exhauster of polluted or air.

Among these facilities we pay extra attention to supplier fans of fresh air functioning at fire danger in buildings and fans that exhaust high temperature gas; these at the same time secure people's lives that got stuck in building and on the other hand, also help firemen's work.

The Hungaro-Ventilator Ltd. produces smoke-exhauster ventilating appliances and their accessories which efficiency is tested and certified by the German institution called MPA Braunschweig and this company continuously controls the products' conformity, too.

Our high-efficiency fans got developed for customers that don't only expect high quality, but also keeping expenses at low levels is of high priority!