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The company: HUNGARO-VENTILATOR Ltd. was founded in 2005. The main activity of the company is production of axial flow fans. The factory is located in Sopronkövesd (Hungary). 12 employees work on over 2.000 m2 production area. The turnover was more than 1.000.000 EUR in 2013, has produced over 700 pieces of fans.
Main references: Subway M4 – Budapest (Hungary), Subway Warsaw (Poland), LEGO (Hungary), Shopping Center Arena-Plaza, Airport Vienna (Austria), University of Economy (Vienna), Technical University (Hungary), Raiffeisen Bank, wind power plants (Denmark).
Markets: permanent markets: Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Poland. Temporary markets: Rumania, Slovakia, Doha-Qatar, Norway, Czech, Germany, Denmark.

Application of the products: 

  • Ventilation of buildings, fire protection (working in case of fire), exhausting fans in high temperature (400°C, 300°C) min. 120 minutes – certificated by MPA Braunschweig, Germany (EN 12101-3), permanently supervised production of axial-flow fans and axial-flow roof fans. The accessories are certificated as well!
  • Ventilation of buildings, fire protection (working in case of fire), fresh-air supply fans - normal temperature axial-flow fans and roof fans. (parallel working with exhausting fans – see above – for an ideal air changing!
  • Ventilation of buildings, fire protection fresh air supply fans in the over-pressured staircases (in case of fire) and fans to hold the over-pressure in the staircases.
  • Ventilation of buildings, fire protection jet-fans (working in case of fire), in underground garage level – axial-flow Jet-fans to deflect of the CO and dust in normal or high temperature.
  • Other industrial applications for air supply or exhausting.

Technical support with selection software „VENTICALC”: Self-innovated software, internet based in several languages – English, German, Polish, Russian.

Hungaro Ventillator Products

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