About Us

The Company

Hungaro-Ventilator Ltd. was founded in 2005 and produces smoke-exhaust ventilating appliances and their accessories which suitability at high temperature is tested and certified by the German institution called MPA Braunschweig and also this company continuously controls the products' conformity. Today the production is on 6.500m² area with 50 employees. Despite of pandemic situation in 2020 the company produced more than 2.000 pieces of fans and few hundred of pressure relief dampers altogether in 4.000.000 € value.

Main references

Subway Budapest, Subway Warsaw, LEGO Plant Hungary, Shopping Centre Airport Budapest, Airport Vienna, University of Economy Vienna, Technical University of Budapest, Raiffeisen Bank Budapest, Twin Olympic Towers Tehran, Railway Station Lodz, Wind tunnel Warsaw, LOTUS Centre Plaza Oradea, Office building Pulawska Warsaw, Office building FIBA Switzerland, HANKOOK Tire Hungary, Tunnel Jotha Poland, HILTON Warsaw, IKEA Warsaw, XXXLUTZ Praha, MED Campus Graz.


Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Iran.

Application of the products

Technical support with selection software „VENTICALC”: Self-innovated software, internet based in several languages – English, German, Polish, Russian.

Hungaro Ventillator Products