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Garage ventilation JET

HV-AIRJET AJU/AJR F300 jet-fan series

HV-AIRJET AJU/AJR F300 jet-fan series

HV-AIRJET AJU/AJR F300 jet-fan seriesJet-fan F300 (300°C/120min.) or normal.
AIRJET nominal sizes: 280…400mm

Tested and certified according to EN 12101-3, class F300.


In unidirectional (AJU) or reversible (AJR) execution. Insists of an in the middle situated axial-flow fan and both sides silencers in a high-sparing oval design. The interior set of fan-motor may be easily pulled out through the silencer. Direction of the outlet air may be regulated by using the outlet-louvres.

HV-AIRJET AJU/AJR F300 jet-fan seriesImpeller with airfoil aluminum cast alloy blades and aluminum cast alloy hub and with a taperlock hub connection on motor shaft. Pitch angle is infinitely adjustable at rest. Impeller is dynamically balanced according to EN ISO 1940-1, balance quality class G6.3.

Three-phase alternating current, special F300 or normal motor in B3 mounting form, protection type IP 55 / insulation class H or F. Motor power selected for a cold start at pure air with a density of ρ= 1,2kg/m³.
Optional electrical wiring on the externally located terminal box.

AJRJ/AJU jet-fans are tested and certified according to EN 12101-3:2002/ EN 12101-3:2002/AC:200S in classes of F200(120) and F300(120) temperature (time).
Performance curves are according to EN 24163 and EN ISO 5801 tested in a tube testing station.

HV-AIRJET AJU/AJR F300 jet-fan series

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