Smoke extration roof fan BVHA+D

BVHA F400/F300 + louvre-hood as smoke exhaust roof-fan

BVHA F400/F300 + louvre-hood as smoke exhaust roof-fanHigh pressure smoke exhaust axial roof-fan F400 (400°C/120min.) / F300 (300°C/120min.)

BVHA F300/F400 + louvre hood nominal sizes: 335-1400mm

Tested and certified according to EN 12101-3, class F400 (400°C/120min.) and F300 (300°C/120min.)


A pressure activated louvre-hood mounted on a BVHA smoke exhaust axial-flow fan in vertical mounting position as roof fan for external usage. Smoke outlet direction is above 45°.

Casing of sheet-steel with rolled flanges on both sides and with welded outlet guide vanes as motor support. Surfaces protected through hot dip galvanizing or powder-painting.

Impeller with steel blades welded on steel hub, that directly mounted on motor shaft. Pitch angle is fixed. Impeller is dynamically balanced according to EN ISO 1940-1, balance quality class G6.3.

Three-phase alternating current, special F400/F300 motor in mounting form B3 or B14. Protection type IP55 / insulation class H. Motor power selected for a cold start at pure air with a density of ρ = 1,2 kg/m³. Electrical wiring on the externally located terminal box.

Performance curves are according to EN 24163 and EN ISO 5801, tested in a tube testing station.

BVHA F400/F300 + louvre-hood as smoke exhaust roof-fan